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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> today i'm also announcing an immediate investment of $100 million to support our relief efforts. >> bill: american help on the way to haiti as hundreds of thousands of people struggle to survive after that terrible earthquake. but will the money get to the folks? [sirens] >> i think it might be a little bit intimidating that you have a stick in your hand. that's why. >> who are you to decide? >> that's a weapon. >> bill: is the obama administration specifically attorney general eric holder covering up for the black panther party? it looks that way. a factor investigation. >> a few weeks ago i went to copenhagen, denmark. what a cool city it is. >> bill: apparently oprah winfrey loves the socialistic aspects of denmark. the culture warriors have been investigating that. caution, you are about to enter
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the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another $100 million of american tax money heading to haiti. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. world is cringing looking at pictures like these caused by that terrible earthquake in haiti. no one knows for sure but the death toll could top 100,000. right now lives are in the balance as there are folks alive in the rubble. already, thousands of american military are going to haiti, trying to save lives and impose some kind of order there. today, president obama pledged an enormous amount of money. >> i'm also announcing an iminvestment of $100 million to support our relief efforts. this will mean more of the life-saving equipment food water and medicine that will be needed. this investment will grow over the coming year as we embark on
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the long-term recovery from this unimaginable tragedy. >> bill: since 1992, the beginning of the clinton administration the u.s.a. has given haiti close to $3 billion in assistance and billions more have been donated by other countries. president clinton took a personal interest in improving life for the haitian people but he failed. and today his wife knows the pit falls of the haitian situation. >> we have systems in place now to be able to track the money, to hold it accountable, to look for results. we are doing that across the board. i'm revamping our aid system so i can look you in the eye and the american taxpayer in the eye and say, look, i'm not going to spend a penny unless i have some confidence that it's going to go to the right place. >> bill: so why did bill clinton and everyone else fail in haiti? the reason is fairly simple. there is no central authority there. the police is corrupt. there is no army. many politicians are thieves. slums like city neighborhoods are run by drug dealers, voodoo priests or common extortionists.
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relief workers give food and clothing directly to haitians in need. odds are as soon as the relief person leaves, a thug will steal the charity from the poor person. block by block in haiti gangsters rule and the people are powerless to do anything about it. if you fight the criminals, you and your family will be brutalized. with the world now focused on a true humanitarian disaster, perhaps it is time to really help the good people of haiti. and have the united nations impose some discipline there. yes, we should send aid immediately but president obama should not just promise $100 million with no accountability. every dollar needs to be managed and if that means the u.s.a. calls the shots, talking points says, good. and i believe the haitian people would say good as well. the earthquake in haiti rated 7 on the ricter scale the same as the san francisco earthquake of 1989 when 62 people died. the death toll in haiti, as we said, may be hundreds of thousands. infrafracture is the difference
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and money can buy that. but not in haiti where billions of dollars have gone right down the drain. that he was the memo now for the top story. joining from us los angeles rick greenel who served as a spoke person for four u.s. ambassador to the united nations. here in the studio sophie, a executive director of doctors without borders, a charity that does extensive work in haiti. so the problems in haiti for doctors without border like in some african countries are enormous, are they not? >> absolutely. they were even before, actually, the earthquake because we were already operating three hospitals in port-au-prince where and we were the only operator of free emergency health care. >> bill: now did you get hassled? did personnel get hassled in haiti operating those hospitals? >> not particularly. i think that there is a acceptance by the population.
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>> bill: they left you alone? >> we are working with haitian people. and we are working in some unstable areas as well. and the population, the patients that we are treating are also suffering from the violence. >> bill: did the gangsters leave you alone. >> yes, of course. >> bill: or leave you alone. not of course. i have been to haiti and they are rough people. >> we didn't experience this kind of problem. at the moment, you know, our core priorities are to provide medical emergency. >> bill: i give a lot of money to doctors without borders. you guys do very, very fine work. i'm trying to get the level of difficulty that you have operating in a place where there is no central authority, there is just simply no authority there. >> well, the main difficulty for us operating in this kind of environment is that we are kind of, you know, supervising the ministry of health because there aren't enough means. >> bill: you are overwhelmed. >> the national staff is not paid properly and sometimes they don't show up to work because we
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collaborate. >> bill: absolutely. >> these are the kinds of problems that we find. >> bill: you haven't been shaken down by the gangsters. >> no. >> bill: they haven't come in and stolen your supplies. >> no. >> bill: $3 billion since 1992 going into haiti plus u.s. troops plus all kinds of humanitarian aid from all over the world, it doesn't make a difference. nothing gets better there. >> well, it's actually a lot more than 3 billion. if you look at the the u.n. has been working on the haiti issue since 1993 in some form or fashion. billions of dollars have gone in there for 17 years we have been trying to get this problem fix dollars. it's a survival mentality. they are still trying to feed people and clothe people and trying to get their survival rate to come up. we have got a long-term problem here that now i think the american people are focused on. >> bill: okay, okay. i still don't get, with all that money that's gone into that
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island, it's worse in 2010 than it was in 1992. it's worse. so where did all that money go? >> no question about it. >> bill: where did all that money go? why hasn't anything gotten better there. >> no question about it. let me tell you, bill, the u.n. is just as frustrated. their last report. >> bill: okay. i got everybody frustrated. i got everybody is mad. i have got everybody knows the problem. where's the money? where is the money? >> i think u.s. i.d. has got to take control. >> if you don't know where the money is, that's fine. but enormous amount of money has gone to that island and it's just disappeared. it's evaporated. nobody knows where it is. that's the problem. >> exactly. the money is definitely unaccounted for. >> bill: see, that's a problem, doctor. because you need money. doctors without borders needs money to operate. americans are going to give money to haiti. more than any other people on earth we are going to give money. then we say joan, if i give it, does it get to the people?
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now through your organization, it does, correct? >> yeah. and i think it's a very fair question and every organization should be accountable for the money it gets and the money it spends in the name of humanitarian action. that shouldn't be any exception to the rule. what i can tell you is how the money that we receive is spent on the ground. and historically our policy has been to operate on the ground in order to be able to -- >> bill: you don't deal with the haitian authorities. >> we do, of course. >> bill: do you have to pay those authorities? >> we pay taxes like everybody. >> bill: so you pay taxes to the haitian government? >> yes. >> bill: here is what i don't understand. >> we pay our rent if we rent a house. we pay local taxes. >> bill: hotel and food. >> absolutely. >> bill: if you are going there to help the haitian people to heal their illnesses why would you have to pay tax to the government to be there? they should want you there? they should be paying you. >> the thing is in haiti the whole system has been relying on international assistance.
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it makes the economy. people living there have to behave like normal citizen even though i'm not a u.s. citizen, i pay taxes in the u.s. so it's exactly the same. >> bill: it's a different situation though. the humanitarian group shouldn't have to pay any taxes. >> what is clear for us we know the money we have received from the u.s. population or from other countries we know how it is spent. >> bill: that's why i give you money. one more question to you, mr. grenell. you are going to have a telethon george clooney. i think americans should give money. but i think president obama has an obligation to really stringently watch the 100 million that were pledged, correct? >> absolutely. there is a glimmer of hope here, bill, in this terrible tragedy in that americans are now focused on this problem. when we focus on a problem we tend to solve the problem. u.s.a. id does a great job combined with our military. if americans cannot only respond but remember in a year from now that we need to do more and we
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need to continue to do more. >> bill: all right. we we are going to watch it very, very closely. i may even go down there. thank you. we have a brand new bill o' poll question for you. will you donate to haiti? yes or no? next on the rundown, laura ingraham will react to the earthquake in haiti. how much should we get? later, guess who is sticking up for harry reid? does the name bernie goldberg ring a bell? wow, upcoming. ♪
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story. the america reaction to the humanitarian action in haiti. laura ingraham has been listening to our commentary. she joins us now from washington. what say you, miss laura. >> bill, i think in hearing rick and you talk about the need for a long-term plan for haiti, all of that is right. and i think, look, america is
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always going to step up and help those people in need. it happened before president obama. and it's going to happen after president obama. i think we do though have to remember that the weaker we become economically as a nation, the less we are going to be able to help other countries to the extent we want to help other countries around the world. so, when we talk about the haiti recovery, which we all hope and pray for, a deep recovery of their infrastructure, their political system, all of that, money down a rat hole in many cases years before as we pray for that and we hope for that, we have to remember that if we're not fixed as a country economically, these ideas that we're going to help other countries recover is going to be a tough sell to the american people and i think it's going to be tough to do. >> bill: do you support president obama giving 100 million? >> sure. i think, you know, sure china giving a whopping million. that's a total embarrassment. i'm sure when all is said and done the american people and the
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american government are going to give billions of dollars. >> bill: we always do. it's going to cost billions. >> bill: you don't have any problem with the 100-million-dollar pledge. >> no, absolutely not. >> bill: bill clinton really invested a lot of money and personal emotion in haiti. he was very interested in that nation, for whatever reason. he failed. he absolutely made no difference at all down there. why? the power of the presidency for eight years. >> remember, see, first of all, the idea that any policies back home are going to be liked more or more supported or more popular because haiti is handled well by any administration is ridiculous. i mean, president obama's popularity is rising or falling not on his personal likability which is quite high but on the substance of what he is doing for the u.s. economy and health care reform, cap and trade and all of that. >> bill: i know that. clinton went out of his way to help a nation with 9 million
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people with enormous amount of money with american troops. of. >> right. they have to help themselves though. bill, you have to have a people that want to help themselves. at some point no amount of money, no amount of aid, no amount of micromanaging by the united nations is not going to help a country recover and prosper economically after oppression if the people don't want it. and fight for it. >> bill: as i laid out in the talking points memo, laura, the people can't. they are held who's package by a criminal class that actually rolls the streets of port-au-prince. >> of course it does. we have a situation in zimbabwe that is very similar in many ways what is happening. >> bill: it is similar. >> all i'm saying that bill clinton the power of his personality or u.s. dollars is not going to change a country where wealth is not created and no opportunity. >> bill: staggering with all the money and time and effort we put into haiti from 1992 to 2000,
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nothing got done. >> african development fund. all the money we spent there. we can't track it we don't know where it was. >> bill: to be fair, president bush got a lot of medicine to africa, a lot. >> we can track that. >> bill: yeah. and that happened. so it's possible. it didn't happen in haiti. now, a lot of right-wing radio people, maybe not a lot, but some jumped on obama for his quick reaction to haiti and then they compared it to the slow reaction to the underwear bomber. and i thought, i don't know, why you bringing that up now? it's good that he reacts quickly to haiti. >> i think what we know about the obama administration is they are pretty keenly aware of p.r. and branding. that's been part of their success. they have been pretty good at it up and to a point. i think that they saw that after christmas with that attempted bombing didn't come out immediately, they got hammered for it. but i think they are taking the wrong lesson from, this bill. of course we are happy that the president is managing the situation.
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he should be. any president should be. that's fine. i think what he doesn't understand is that it was more substance that got him in trouble on the christmas bombing attempt, not the p.r. that was part of it but mostly substance. janet napolitano -- >> bill: do you have a problem with his quick response to haiti. >> no. remember after chris janet napolitano came out and sounded completely out of her league and incompetent that was the problem. >> bill: okay. finally, last week you were on the program and we talked about michelle obama reentering the public arena. >> yes, sir. >> bill: she has. so you were ahead on that story. >> she had a big round table meeting with reporters this week, bill. there was print reporters. no audio there. laid out her vision what she wanted to do with childhood obesity and continuing to develop her role as a first lady. it's interesting to have a first lady command such attention from reporters as she is. and i think, look, childhood obesity does have a connection to the health care discussion in
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the united states of america. so, to the extent that they can try to use her to try to prop up unpopular policies, i guess it's worth a shot. i'm not sure it's going to ultimately be successful. >> bill: laura ingraham, thank you very much. up next, oprah. oprah seems to love denmark and the culture warriors will tell us why. also, is the obama justice department covering up for the black panther party in a very nasty election situation? we'll investigate coming up. dd
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. the happiest people in the world. some researchers believe they are the danes. denmark has been in the news recently. oprah visited trying to get the olympics to come to chicago. during ms. winfrey's stay in denmark she recorded this. >> copenhagen is one of the world's environmentally friendly city. a third of the population rides bikes, many are groceries and kids in tow. homelessness and poverty are low here. if you lose the job, the government continues to pay up to 90% of your salary for four years. >> you are never going to be homeless on the street. >> exactly. >> you don't need a man to take care of you.
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and when you don't need a man to take care of you. you are with a man just because. >> exactly. >> you want to be. >> now you know why we are happy to have free health care. you have a healthy people and free education. then you have healthy, well educated people and what can beat that. >> what can beat that? >> bill: excuse me a moment i'm doing a cool could you legs on my salary and if i get fired on the factor and if i go to denmark they will pay 90% of it for four years. >> you are fired. [ laughter ] >> bill: here now the culture warriors fox news analyst margaret hoover and "fox & friends" co-anchor gretchen carlson. okay. so oprah looked positively giddy to be in denmark. now, she was there, it's 14 below zero now in january. she was there in the fall. and i'm going to myself does she really understand the country? what say you? >> i would say who wouldn't be giddy when you find out you get free health care, free education, four years of payment at 90% even after you lose your job until you read the fine print which is at the bottom of
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the doment which says by the way danes pay the highest income tax of anyone in the entire world. >> bill: the average is 75% if you are making good money, right? >> definitely over 50%. >> bill: okay. so you pay all your money to the government and they kick it back to you, hoover, in the term of entitlements. but that does provide security for the 5.5 million danes. >> that's exactly the point. you make a fabulous point there 5.5 million dans danes. we are bankrupt as it is. do you think we could pay four years of salary? no they can coo provide for 5.5 million people. >> i'm glad we are having this conversation. should america be more like europe? >> bill: yeah should would he be more like the danes. >> here is what we do in the u.s. in the u.s. we strive to guarantee the equality of opportunity not the equality of outcome. >> bill: right.
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>> we have that i think here that we're quite proud of american exceptionism. there is no better poster child than oprah winfrey. is oprah winfrey's story possible in denmark? >> bill: sure. she could be a big tv star. >> would she makes a much money? >> bill: no. they would take money away from oprah. >> she was giddy. she was doing the same calculation that you were doing. >> bill: oprah making 100 million a year whatever she is making and gets 90% of that. >> here is what americans should be concerned about what they look at the danes is that our taxes right now are apparently going to continue to keep going up. >> bill: for the next few years. >> for sure for the next few years. >> bill: right. >> but do you think americans will get the same kind of service that the danes are getting from their government? >> bill: no. as hoover pointed out 320 million people here. >> if you thought that you could get pretty good service, then you might not worry about paying that kind of a tax. but for 300 million people you can't do it.
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>> bill: i'm still not getting why oprah, who is the ultimate capitalist by the way. she is a brilliant money person. she has a literal financial empire. she goes over there and she seems to say hey, this is the country, that's why they are all happy. i don't know if the danes are so happy. >> that's objective. >> bill: i know they are objective. i thought back to my ancestors in ireland who were beheaded and raped by the danish vikings. i don't know if that was a happy experience perpetuated by the danes back then, do you know what i mean? >> if you think aristotle had anything to say. >> bill: is he danish or greek? >> he had a few good nuggets that lasted for a few hundred years. location, family, community, and faith. and the more the government. >> bill: aristotle said that. >> yes yeah, he did. i'm distilling it down to you don't have to read the republic.
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>> bill: excellent. [ laughter ] >> if the government starts to take over in any four of those areas, leads to more dissatisfaction: >> they are taking over. >> bill: did you see the bikes? they are all smiling. >> happiness is subjective. this is the danes know. it's different from what the americans know. >> bill: do you think the vikings were happy? >> i'm from the land of the vikings as well. >> bill: i was going to ask you that you are swedish, and you guys are committing suicide at a record rate. all you got to do is drive down the peninsula and you are the happiest people on earth. why don't you go south. >> here is the answer to your political question by oprah winfrey is so happy in copenhagen. >> bill: thank you. bless you. >> these are her political views. she support barack obama. these are barack obama's political views. >> bill: these are. >> she wants people to have these types of services. >> bill: why doesn't she give it. she has got $8 billion. she could set up her own. >> she does give away a huge
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chunk of her money. >> bill: she is a charitable woman. i will give you the last word, hoover. hoover. we have covered swedish angst. irish we have covered. that is there any other ethnic group. >> go to youtube and watch the end of the clip. she is watching these people's apartments. they are telling her they don't have things. they have got three kids in one bedroom and she is wondering how do people live like this? i don't think she got into it. >> bill: once she got into the house she wasn't so thrilled. >> she liked the cleanliness. >> bill: where do you put your things? >> we don't have things. oprah's favorite things wouldn't happen in denmark. >> bill: oprah would need all of copenhagen just for her clothing. all right, ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the democratic party seems to be covering up for the black panthers in nasty election controversy. we will have the facts. then, bernie goldberg sticking up for democrat harry reid in
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the obama skin comment situation and we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight on election day in 2008 in philadelphia some black panthers intimidated voters at a polling place. >> take a picture, that's all. >> okay. i mean. >> no, no, no. i think you might be a little bit intimidating why you have a stick in your hand that's why. >> who are you to decide. >> that's a weapon. >> who are you to decide?
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>> i mean, i am a concerned citizen. i'm just worried that you might -- >> -- so are we. that's why we are here. >> okay. but you have a nightstick in your hand. >> it's -- you have a camera phone. >> i have a camera phone which is not a weapon. >> bill: many believe that's a violation of federal law. yesterday they voted 15-14 along partisan lines not to compel the justice department to hand over investigative data in the case. as you may know, attorney general holder has stonewalled the investigation and now the dems have allowed them to get away from it crisco vac vofer at the justice department under president bush. first of all, am i making too big of deal out of this? that looks like a crime to me. two people standing throughout in black panther are a gallia with sticks in their hands. no reason for sticks to be there. this is not supposed to happen at any american polling place. you can imagine if the ku klux
5:32 am
klan had guys out there with sticks. am i making too big a thing out of this, chris? >> no you are not. under section 11 b of the voting rights act. remember, the charges were brought in january of 2009 and these guys didn't even answer the charges which is the legal equivalent of admitting you are guilty. the department of justice had victory in its hands and the new holder justice department came in and said no, we are dismissing the charges against two of the three thugs and against the party as well. only the guy that had the nightstick had an injunction against him. so, very, very troubling because rarely would a prosecutor or the u.s. justice department drop charges after they have already won the case. >> bill: they didn't explain why they dropped it. >> exactly. >> bill: we asked them. we didn't get an answer. so then congress gets involved and says, look, we aring can -- we are going to compel, the judiciary committee in the house, we are going to compel attorney general holder to turn over what he found out about
5:33 am
this incident so we can decide whether holder is doing his job or not. and then they vote and 15 democrats vote no, we don't want to see the data and 14 republicans vote yes, we do. so, i'm saying to myself, look, this is a -- good possible criminal case, definitely civil because they didn't answer the judgment, okay? and holder won't explain why he is not pursuing it. maybe it's small ball but let him say that let him say that it's just not important enough for us or whatever. so, where are we now? they get away with it, right? >> yeah. this is very disturbing. the excuse that the majority of the committee gave when they decided not to pursue asking the justice department to hand over the information was oh, we just think this is an isolated incident. no, it's not an isolated incident when you take it in context. in a typical year the justice department gets maybe two or three complaints of voter intimidation. in 2008 they got 48 complaints of voter intimidation and then take the broader context of
5:34 am
hundreds of complaints of voter fraud across the country. and so it was clear that many people brought credible complaints of efforts to take away the integrity to effect the integrity of our elections and voter intimidation and voter fraud go hand in glove glove. this isn't isolated incident. >> bill: even if holder and the justice department says it's not worth our time and effort, we have got more important things to do, okay. say that. say that. so that the people can make a decision one way or the other about how we are being governed. right now what we have is we can't find out what the federal government found out in their investigation because congress has voted, you know, the committee voted against the exposition. we don't know what they found out. and holder is basically saying, hey, i don't care what you think, i'm not even going to explain myself. i just think that is just outrageous. >> it is. and on top of that, bill, the united states commission on civil rights, which was created
5:35 am
back in 1957 to investigate civil rights violations just like this one. a bipartisan commission with the authority to investigate and issue subpoenas, they sent a subpoena to the justice department and holder stiff-armed them. he said no way, i'm not going to answer your questions. he asserted bow just privileges that don't even apply. >> bill: there is nowhere else we can take this? it's dead? we are never going to find out? >> since they said no to the commission of civil rights, congress was our last hope here. this committee is apparently more interested in protecting the department against embarrassment than protecting our right to vote free of intimidation. >> bill: thank you very much. bernie gldberg sticking up for harry reid. wow. conan o'brien and jay leno now attacking each other. those reports after these
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>> bill: thank you for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file tonight, megyn is not here. she will be back next week. filling in fox news analyst bernie goldberg who is actually sticking up for senator harry reid and the obama skin color controversy remark. bernie joins us now from miami. so, sticking up for reid, huh? >> well, yes and no. here is my position. if i were to come on your show, bill, and say, you know, barack obama, i don't like his politics. he is way too liberal for me and i think they are spending too much money down there in washington under his
5:39 am
administration. but i do think he is a good, decent, honorable negro. the roof would cave in on me. >> bill: correct. >> this place would be a garage. i would be called a racist. you would be called a racist for having me on. but, liberal democrats want to jump through hoops and make believe well that he only said negro. fine, if we want to talk about liberal hypocrisy, i will stay here all night. but, let's get something straight, the word negro is not a slur. there is the united negro college fund. it's an outdated word. it's an answer jent word. it's a politically incorrect word, but it is not a slur. and republicans and conservatives of all people, of all people should not be calling for somebody's head because he used a politically incorrect word. >> bill: i think it was skin colored thing, the light skin was more offensive to african-americans anyway than the negro designation. >> juan williams on this very
5:40 am
show, i mean, he talked about it. he said who are we kidding here, black people talk about that stuff all the time. >> bill: you know there is the different standard what black people talk about among themselves and what white people talk about, african-americans, some of them say, look, you know, it's the context of it. >> he didn't -- harry reid did not say anything racist. he didn't do anything racist. we agree he is probably not a racist. and i'm saying that liberals, i'm sorry, that conservatives and republicans, who are usually on the wrong end of the politically correct attacks, shouldn't be calling for somebody's head because he used the -- he said negro. he didn't use the other n word. this is ridiculous. now, look, having said that. harry reid is the same person who spoke to high school kids and said president bush is a loser. calling any president a loser in front of high school kids is despicable. larry reid went on the floor of the united states senate and said the war in iraq is lost.
5:41 am
imagine if you are fighting in that war or if you have a son or daughter who is fighting in that war and you hear that -- >> bill: that is why mr. reid is going to lose his election in nevada. >> right. but my point who bill, very briefly is that is far more worthy of condemnation. >> bill: but he was -- >> use of the word negro. that's all i'm saying. >> bill: did he say president bush's skin color was light? i didn't know if he did or not. >> i think i missed that, yeah. >> bill: sarah palin's debut this week on the fox news channel. been widely discussed by all the media we have a clip of the good morning america discussion. roll it. >> she was in pretty loving hands there with bill o'reilly. he pushed her a couple of times. one of the things i know i went through this transition going from politics to being an analyst, it's very different from being advocate to someone who steps back and analyzes. >> bill: loving hands. am i supposed to slap her around
5:42 am
the first time she is on as an analyst i'm supposed to make her look bad and relationship -- rip her up. that's the standard from the left. it's ridiculous well, that's a good point. i think there are people on the right who write media columns who will never ever give her the benefit of the doubt. but, to be perfectly fair, bill, and we know this is true, there are people on cable television on the right who adore sarah palin, who love sarah palin. you are not going to get honest analysis on either side on that matter. stephanopoulos made an interesting point, there is a big difference between being a political activist and being a political analyst. when i watch newt gingrich on fox i learn something. when i watch karl rove, whether you agree or disagree with his politics, you learn something. bill bennett comes on fox every now and then, when he says something, you learn something. these people make open-minded people think about things. now, they were all political
5:43 am
activists at one point. now they are pretty -- you know, they are all smart political analysts. i don't know if sarah palin is going to make that transition. maybe she will. the jury is out. >> bill: right. one of the -- we get a lot of mail on governor palin. one of the criticisms from factor viewers was that she is still campaigning. she has got to drop the i'd ole and say what you just -- drop the ideology. we hope that sarah palin grows into that but it doesn't happen overnight, bernie. i don't know whether people remember the first few times wouldyou were on the factor, it was ridiculous. we had to throw you around. >> when i saw that coming. let me very briefly say that in your interview you asked her if 60 minutes gave her an opportunity to respond and she said they didn't come to me and if they came to one of my people and then it was unintelligible. but it was something like i don't know about it. i checked with the executive producer of "60 minutes" today
5:44 am
and i have known him for 30 years. he is a straight-shooter. she said she definitely asked her to come on. >> bill: i know. she probably didn't get that message. knowing that she probably didn't even get that message because i know how they operate. >> that's on her and her people. not on "60 minutes." >> bill: no problem. i said i admired "60 minutes" during that. brian williams is quitting nbc. do you care? does it matter? >> no. and only in the cultural sense that we're interested in cultural things the pop culture does matter but not much. and, no, i don't care personally. i couldn't care less actually. >> bill: all right. but he will probably, i think, show up on fox broadcasting. bernie goldberg, everybody. later, pat robertson says haiti is cursed. right back with check.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check, we begin this evening with some ultra controversial comments about haiti by pat robertson. here is check one. >> something happened a long time ago in haiti. and the people might not want to talk about it. they got together and swore a
5:48 am
pack to the devil. they said we will serve you if you will get us free from the french. it's a true story. and so the devil said okay, it's a deal. and they kicked the french, you know, the haitians revolted and got themselves free. but ever since they have been cursed by one thing after the other. >> bill: well, fort record, check does not believe haiti is cursed. check two. nbc may be cursed as the late night comedian controversy gets even stranger. in the beginning jay leno and conan o'brien were mocking nbc for trying to move their respective programs around. now the two men have turned on each other. >> i'm trying very hard to stay positive here. i want to tell you something, this is honest. hosting the tonight show has been the fulfillment of a life-long dream for me. i just want to say to the kids out there watching, you can do anything you want in life. yeah. unless jay leno wants to do it, too. [ laughter ] >> well, nobody knows what's
5:49 am
going on. conan o'brien understandably very upset. he had a statement in the paper yesterday nbc had only given him seven months to make the show work. seven months, how did he get that deal? we only got four. jeez, who is his agent? give me that guy. i will take seven. >> bill: check thinks there is room on tv for both men just not on nbc. check three my friend helen thomas was asked about her heck terring of obama terrorism guy john brennan. >> asked john brennan about -- you said why are they trying to attack us. a lot of our readers had questions about that, were critical. what were you trying to get at with that question? >> i'm trying to find out why. why? look, we have been in this war eight, nine years? against the so-called terrorism, and i do "so-called" because in the newspapers, if you read, you read about the militants.
5:50 am
you don't read about us bombing everybody. and never really explaining why and going into three or four different countries, middle east, africa, and so forth. who are we? why are we doing this? >> bill: once again, check will try. helen, there are bad people who want to kill you. they lived in afghanistan before 9/11, which is why the u.s.a. went in there. so dam was also a very bad man. he killed hundreds of thousands of people and defied the united nations on weapons inspections. so, we took him out. now, you may disagree with those policies, but you should understand that. i hope. check four, katie couric has won a dupont award, that's a big one, for her interview with sarah palin. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were capped for this to stay informed. >> i have read most of them, again, with a great appreciation for the press, for the media.
5:51 am
>> like what ones, specifically, i'm curious. >> all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. >> can you name? >> i have a vast variety of sources. >> bill: down the road when the governor comes back on the factor, we will get her reaction to ms. couric winning the dupont. by the way, my interview with sarah palin on tuesday night garnered huge ratings beating the other news programs combined we also beat abc's better off ted and scrubs. thank you all for watching. sorry, ted. check five, predictably david letterman checked in. >> first day at fox news. ruined office floor by drilling for oil. number 9, detached retina from winking at camera. number 8, got confused, thought she had signed with qvc. number 7 pistol whipped three guys who called her tina.
5:52 am
number 6, released a statement saying she won't follow leno. number 5, at lunchtime todd picked her up driving snowmobile through lobby. and number 4, sad to learn there was no actual fox to hunt. number 3, hosted a fire dave round table. number 2, actually found a place with more white people than alaska. and, the number one highlight of sarah palin's first day at fox news announced plans to run for president in 2010. >> bill: finally check 6, somebody named shepard smith was discussing "american idol." >> the new judge has not been chosen to replace simon, right? this is all brand new stuff? >> right, not that i'm aware of. not that i have seen. >> shepard: i was thinking o'reilly. >> i will check on that. i will put in the call. >> shepard: i was thinking o'reilly he is can tank kerr russ.
5:53 am
everybody loves him or hates him i guess. >> food for thought. >> shepard: he is a very good judge. >> food for thought. >> shepard: i said bill o'reilly in his spare time because bill doesn't work much. [ laughter ] bill works a lot. >> bill: wouldn't you love to mess up his hair one time? for the record i think chubby checker is a huge talent so "american idol" people should keep that in mind. that is pinheads and patriots on deck. starring jolie pitt and southerland. all right. right back p and
5:54 am
>> obviously that is very impressive. so ms. jolie and mr. pitt are patriots. on the pinhead front, another
5:55 am
you make the call situation. the star of 24 kiefer sutedder land showed up on letterman in some interesting attire. >> i lost a bet. [ laughter ] >> over the weekend i was so sure new england was going to win that i told a guy who used to be my friend. [ laughter ] >> that if new england lost i would wear a dress on letterman. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> bill: pinhead? up to you. and finally tonight just a reminder on the no spin news on bill o' premium membership is open to members on monday. we would like to you sample premium membership so check it out on bill o' now the letters. o'reilly i am stunned at your insensitivity, this is not a time to criticize haiti but a time of sore sorrow. we will not help the people of
5:56 am
haiti unless we solve the corruption. my discussion was helped the country not give lip service. mr. o'reilly your comments were right on target as a pediatrician i have worked in haiti and season a massive amount of money go to waste because of corruption. outside of the catholic church few institutions are doing any good there. bud silverman of houston, texas, how horrific does an event have to be before you discuss just the event and leave the politics aside? did you miss fnc's coverage from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night, bud? my job is to illuminate with analysis all situations so you know what is happening and why. i did my job. john larson, mesa, arizona. your comments may discourage people from donating because it is a lost cost it will remain a lost cause until there is accountability. my comments put pressure on the obama administration to make sure our tax dollars go. i have been coming money to the relief organization for years. i'm not going to sit here and ignore a big part of the story
5:57 am
down there. hillary got it right when he said sarah palin is as smart as she needs to be. we need honest leaders we can trust and she is that. lee blair from paris, -- parish florida. ronald reagan wasn't negligent either. you have a bunch of catchy segment times like miller time and at your beck and tall for sarah how about palin in comparison. not bad, that can happen. i agree with jane skinner's mom let people finish their sentences. depends hun how long those sentences are, jim. i have to go through this every year so i might as well get it out of the way now. this is a fast-moving program. our breaks are computerized so i must hit them exactly right or we disappear and some commercial pops up. therefore i must keep the conversation moving at a brisk clip. sometimes that requires me to interrupt. we love jane's mom. but she will not be anchoring a prime time news exposition any time soon. and scott smart, georgia, mr. o,
5:58 am
listen to bold fresh on audio while driving back from waco, texas, it was so good i drove straight through. thanks for saving me money on a motel. that was smart, scott. thank, sorry. scott smart. see, i had to remind you what his name was. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. how about our web site? bill: remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you!
5:59 am
>> hey, it's friday, everyone. and it's january 15, 2010. thanks for sharing your time today. we begin with the fox news alert. u.s. is taking charge now of the rescue and recovery operation in haiti where 50,000 people feared dead after tuesday's earthquake. the air force unloading tons much supplies at the airport. a live report straight ahead. >> and while you were sleeping, president obama has struck a health care deal with the union. but guess who's going to pay for it? you and you and you. and brian kilmeade? >> just the four of us. fine. they tout themselves as the administration of transparency so why, then, is vice president biden holding a closed door meeting with the chief of transparency for economic recovery? i can't see in. our slogan this hour comes to us fromap


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